Our proprietary 5-Step Client Engagement Methodology guides our interaction with every client through the following stages:


Our first step is to understand your business, your processes and your objectives, so we can create an effective IT strategy. We work with you to clearly articulate your immediate and long-term goals, and a vision of where you want to be. We capture the outcome of the analysis in a Client Requirement Specification document, where we also establish project scope, budget, and a detailed work plan.


We then define the functional, technical and creative requirements for your project. We detail the technology infrastructure, the application requirements, the information architecture, high-level design and database design. We also develop a working application prototype, and define modules and components wherever applicable. This stage also involves design testing and documentation of the standards that have been defined.


Our team then builds the solution by implementing the software design and developing the required interfaces. At this stage, the solution is put through a range of quality assurance tests.


At this point, we deploy the solution at your site and integrate it with the existing systems. We confirm deliverables and transfer knowledge on management and maintenance of the solution. We also hand over the user and administrative manuals.


After the integration, we monitor and analyze how the solution performs against the success criteria defined in the Analyze phase. We also complete the documentation for the project and make a presentation on how to approach the next generation of the solution.
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