Excel’s affluent banking experience can help tackle the challenge of executing and monitoring thousands of transactions daily that require real-time updating throughout the working day. Excel’s in-depth expertise in legacy systems and Internet technologies can help design, deploy and manage corporate Internet banking services that provide.

Systems that meet essential requirements such as:

  • online services
  • electronic delivery of information
  • interest rate
  • currency exchange handling

We assist banks design, deploy, and manage multi-channel communications mechanisms via Internet, email, mobile phone, PDA, cash point and traditional print – to ensure enhanced customer interaction, faster turnaround times and greater efficiency.


Excel works with leaders in the financial services sector to deliver technology solutions that address their key business priorities. We leverage our deep domain knowledge of financial services sector to deliver work ranging from workflow management systems to transactional and reporting systems. We have developed web systems for clients that enable collaboration & networking among field agents, brokers, claims representatives and customer service representatives enabling streamlined operations and maximum customer opportunities.


Through Excel’s expertise gained from working with Global Insurance Majors worldwide, Excel can offer an array of services to enable your insurance business realize the competitive advantage it deserves. Excel can help insurance clients in the arenas of workflow management, customer relationship management, policy administration, claims processing, agency management and customer illustration systems.

Health Care

Few industries have as many IT related challenges as the healthcare industry. From the infrastructure for tele-medicine which provides access to primary care, specialists and health education to remote rural areas, to the growth of wireless applications that give medical practitioners faster, more convenient access to patient information. This calls for the development of systems for high-end data links to transfer images, voice, and video


The pressure on Telecommunication companies to continually up their market share while managing customer satisfaction and retention have pushed them to streamline their operations. The leaders have responded by improving their customer relationship systems to ensure this high level of service. Excel design, deploy and manage management and database systems that telecom companies need to ensure the high level of customer service. Excel can also help companies streamline their IT systems to make certain that they are as proficient as possible when it comes to maintaining and building on their market share through optimal customer relations. Excel has expertise to design, develop and deploy Network Management systems.


Manufacturers are constantly seeking solutions that eliminate waste and maximize operational efficiency while aligning production processes with core business goals. They need to connect suppliers and customers with their business processes in real time to drive operational efficiency. This industry also needs to develop real-time performance metrics to minimize costs and decrease product time-to-market. Excel helps our manufacturing clients design, deploy and manage specific IT programs that help them swiftly get to market through the best channels. Excel has the expertise in implementing industry specific packages and solutions – including engineering design and collaboration systems such as CAD/CAM, PDM, and e-engineering. We help our clients identify technology enablers such as collaborative commerce, collaborative product design and supply chain integration technologies that help them conceptualize, design, prototype, manufacture, and market the most innovative, cost-competitive products of the best quality – quickly and cost effectively.


The market shift of the past few years and the resultant technology implosion offers many opportunities for well-managed technology companies. Technology firms need to launch new, profitable products and services within budget, on time and ready to sell. Such firms will have to rely on their IT systems to ensure that they are as efficient and resourceful as possible. Excel design, deploy and manage mission-critical applications and networks that enable highly available and scalable systems for our customers. We have the skills necessary to ensure that the IT systems are designed and managed efficiently, allowing technology firms to focus on developing and delivering new products for their customers. Our professionals have vast expertise in legacy systems and Internet technologies to help meet essential needs like supply chain interaction, customer relationship management and customer optimization.


IT is increasingly being used to bring the various transportation sectors together while helping each sector re-invent itself. Safety, efficiency and profitability concerns drive the community, with IT helping it continuously improve the day-to-day operations which drive customer interaction. Companies across the transportation sectors recognize the need to achieve their vision through the best use of technology. Excel design, deploy and manage critical application and networks for Transportation clients. Excel can efficiently run highly complex networks for exchanging booking information. Excel helps airlines, railroads and other transportation companies design, develop, and manage sophisticated systems and is well acquainted with the challenges of executing and monitoring applications and systems that require real-time updating.
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